Sweden – Läckö Slott, Skaraborg län / Tessin family

Lacko Slott, Skaraborg län (and Åkerö House, Sldermanlands län), Sweden / Tessin family

Picture7Läckö was first built in the 13th century as a fortress for the bishop of Skara and the lake Vänern gave easy access to his diocese. After the reformation in 1527 it was reverted to the Crown and later enfeoffed to the Sture family. In the early 17th century Jacob De la Gardie received Läckö as remuneration for his services as field marshal and he commenced a large buildingproject, which was continued by his son, Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie. Today Läckö is an open House and displays mainly the 17th century, which was restored in the early 20th century. The 18th century history of the house has, however, also made it’s marks on the house and not all of it has been erased by later generations wish to focus on the earlier period. For the house the most important inhabitant of the 18th century was Carl Gustaf Tessin and his wife Ulla Sparre. They made many changes and improvements in order to adjust the house toward their wishes and conveniences.

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